Oak Grove Classical Christian School moving to campus in Creswell

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When the Arrow School’s Fair Meadows campus closes this summer in Creswell, Oak Grove Classical Christian School will move right into its place, Oak Grove’s principal said.

The school, which has been at Oak Grove Baptist Church in Campus Hills for seven years, signed a lease for the property in early April, Educational Director Debbie Glasgow said.

The school is not affiliated with the church, she said. Oak Grove Classical Christian School is a non-demoninational, independent school using the church’s facilities.

“Because of traffic, we are limited to the number of students we can have on campus. We’ve been looking and praying for another opportunity,” she said.

The school became aware of the Creswell campus, site of the former Eastern Christian College, when it began using its gym for students’ physical education classes.

“We’re so excited, it’s beautiful,” Glasgow said.

The school will have the opportunity to add more students and activities.

“There is great potential for us to expand the school here,” she said.

Oak Grove Classical Christian School offers classes for students in pre-K3 through 12th grade.

At Oak Grove Baptist Church, the school is limited to 100 full-time students; its enrollment is 117 students — preK3, preK4 and kindergarten students attend half days.

Class sizes are 10 to 12 students, Glasgow said.

Its first year in Creswell, Oak Grove Classical Christian will be able to expand to 125 students, “then we’re looking for the potential to grow even after that. We would love to at some point be in the 200s, but there are still issues that need to be addressed,” Glasgow said.

The name of the school will change eventually, she said, but that likely won’t happen until the 2019-20 school year.

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