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A consistent thread [Letter]


With regard to Mr. Lambros’ assertion that those opposed to Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation cannot handle the truth – has he not noticed that President Trump seems to have very little appreciation for the truth? How many thousands of untruths, semi-truths and outright bold-faced lies have now been attributed to the man who occupies the White House?

There is also evidence that Kavanaugh was not totally truthful when he was confirmed as a circuit court judge and he has not been totally honest about his past opinions/rulings when he was questioned during the Supreme Court confirmation hearings. Also, like Jeff Sessions, he answered a wide variety of questions with the questionable response of “I cannot recall.” Mr. Lambros praises Kavanaugh’s “supreme legal intellect.” How supreme can his legal intellect be if he cannot recall so many things?

If Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court takes place, then rest assured it will not just be a bad sitcom. It will be a horror story for those individuals who are concerned about women’s rights and who also firmly believe that the president should not be above the law.

I, too, had a Spartacus moment. However, mine did not occur during the hearings. It occurred when the anonymous op-ed appeared in The New York Times. I wanted all the disgruntled employees on the White House staff (and apparently there are many!) who are terrified by the on-going chaos within the oval office to declare “I am the one.” Of course, they would all end up being fired, but since America is not yet like an oligarchy they would not be senselessly slaughtered. By the way, it really does not matter if Spartacus and his followers died. What matters is they died fighting for freedom from the slave-owning Roman oligarchy.

I am sensing a consistent thread throughout Mr. Lambros numerous letters to The Aegis. He has been highly critical of President Obama and now he has aimed his ridicule at Sen. Corey Booker.

MaryLee A. Stritch


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