Del. Glass' mother hits back at her son's opponents [Letter]

The Aegis


I am very hurt, disappointed and surprised at those attacking my son, Del. Glen Glass.

The Harford County Sheriff's Union sent out negative and untrue mailers and robocalls against my son.

The union said he didn't support the police, which is not true. Glen opposed collective bargaining for the union, which is a liberal idea that belongs in Montgomery County.

Glen also supported County Executive Barry Glassman giving the sheriff’s deputies a nice pay raise. He opposed Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler's big pay raise because Glen votes against all pay raises for politicians making over $100K; even Glassman opposed Gahler’s raise that paid him more than the county executive.

My son has a great record of supporting the police and first responders. He voted to give the State Police a pay raise, and an updated fleet of police cars. He co-sponsored a bill to make it a hate crime to hurt a police officer and sponsored a bill to help police with their veterinarian bills.

Glen Glass is also tough on crime and illegal immigration. He led the referendum effort in Harford to stop in-state tuition for illegals; he personally collected hundreds of signatures.

My son has been looking out for the citizens of southern Harford for eight years and he is not a yes man for the political establishment. Glen is honorable, trustworthy and works very hard for his constituents.

Sending out dirty mailers and robocalls with claims that are untrue against my son, is just a smear campaign and dirty politics.

Re-elect the one man you can trust, my son, your delegate, Glen Glass, in the June 26 Republican primary.

Janet Gemberling


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