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I finally had to say something [Letter]


Since the election of Trump, I have refrained from writing any letters to the editor. The endless and ever increasing stream of lies, half-truths, misstatement of fact, and his ignorance of the Constitution, U.S. history, world affairs and denial of science has finally induced me to pick up my pen and put a few thoughts to paper.

His behavior, tweets and public statements have been “SAD” and “DISGRACEFUL” as he is wont to say. I find it appalling that a philandering, misogynistic, xenophobic, bigoted, self-aggrandizing “man-child” holds the highest position of power, honor and service of this great nation. His only interest is the power. Honor and service have no part to play in his world, only money and power, power and money.

I find it appalling that he calls Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation a witch-hunt. If there ever was a Boy Scout of honor and service, he would be named Robert Mueller. The witch-hunt has already uncovered many witches, both foreign and domestic. Mueller did not have to look very far; Trump’s inner circle has already provided many guilty pleas and convictions.

I find it appalling that Trump would even contemplate a pardon for Paul Manafort. The man was fairly convicted by a jury of American citizens in accordance with the rule of law (remember that phrase in GOP propaganda) of trying to cheat the rest of us with his tax frauds and other financial crimes. Yes, people, tax fraud is a crime against all of us. If someone doesn’t pay his rightfully owed taxes, the rest of us have to make up the shortfall. A pardon would be saying, “It’s OK Paul, I do it, too!” (Remember that $900 million tax deduction some years back?) They are stealing from you and me.

I find it appalling that Trump is such a petty and small man, that even with the death of an American hero, John McCain, Trump is so self-centered that he cannot express any form of gratitude for a man’s lifetime of suffering and service to his country.

Bone spur deferments are definitely not heroic. Five and a half years of tortuous imprisonment is heroic. I more often than not disagreed with John McCain on policy, but I am still appreciative of his honor, service and integrity.

I find it appalling that the Trump base is willing to overlook any transgression, if only their socially conservative views are tacitly espoused by Trump. Morality be damned. Trump doesn’t care about his base’s views, he simply plays on their fears to enflame them against others.

Lastly, but not finally, I could go on and on, I find it appalling that the supposedly fiscally conservative party, yes, the GOP, would pass an unnecessary, deficit exploding tax cut under which fully 90 percent of the benefits are going to the top 10 percent of the income bracket, leaving the rest of us to finance their gain with deficit spending.

The tax bill was wealth redistribution in the wrong direction – taking from the have-nots and haves-not-too-much and it giving it to the haves. As for the Trump base that has either accepted or bought Trump’s bill of goods hook, line and sinker, I have just one thing to say, ignorance may be bliss, but willfull ignorance is stupidity.

Trump, in my opinion, is willfully ignorant and that doesn’t make him smart or a stable genius, despite what he claims.

Patrick Endres

Bel Air

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