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Vote for Bridgette Johnson in council District E [Letter]

The Aegis


In a couple of days the citizens of District E will have an important choice to make in selecting their representative on the Harford County Council.

They can either turn all the progress that has been made over that last decade into full reverse by voting for former council president Wagner or they can elect an inspiring new leader who will continue to move our county forward.

Mr. Wagner’s record does not warrant another chance on the council. Many of the ills we face today are due to Mr. Wagner’s failed leadership on the council, such as failing to insist on smarter development during the housing boom.

Mr. Wagner had many opportunities to serve the citizens of Harford County when he held the position of council member and council president.

I urge the voters of District E to help Harford County continue to move forward by casting their vote for Bridgette Johnson.

Ryan Burbey


The writer is former president of he Harford County Education Association, the union representing local public school teachers and counselors. Editor

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