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Adkins-Tobin: Vote for me [Letter]


I feel compelled to respond to the letter from Frank Hajek in support of the appointed judges in the upcoming election. Mr. Hajek has long been a political broker in Harford County politics. He writes that the people of Harford County should not politicize the judge’s election, and then goes on to do exactly that by linking his candidates to a popular governor.

I remind Mr. Hajek, and the voters, that I was found to be qualified to be a judge by Governor Hogan’s judicial nominating commission a year before one of his candidates, and two years before the other. Only four attorneys were recommended for appointment each time. I was also found to be qualified for the position by the two previous nominating commissions. The vetting process is thorough, so to be found qualified by three separate nominating commissions from both political parties speaks volumes for my character and qualifications.

Mr. Hajek refers to me as a “back door candidate,” who is not “the best of the best.” I remind Mr. Hajek that I have been a prosecutor in Harford County for 18 years. I have convicted more sex offenders, child molesters, drug dealers and violent criminals than either of his appointed candidates. I have tried more cases in the courts of Harford County than both of them combined. I am far from being an interloper and I am more than qualified for the position. The fact that I have not been appointed is because judicial appointments in Harford County have been controlled too long by Mr. Hajek and other members of the “good old boys club.”

I remind your readers of the recent article that your newspaper ran a few weeks ago about the judge’s race. In it, you advise the readers that both of the appointed judges have ties to the same influential Bel Air law firm. In fact, the last three Circuit Court appointments have been attorneys from influential law firms in Bel Air.

Mr. Hajek seems not to have read the Maryland Constitution. The election is not a “confirmation of the appointments.” The appointed judges are placeholders. Their terms will expire Nov. 6, 2018. On that day, the voters of Harford County will have the opportunity to exercise their constitutional right as citizens to choose who serves them on the bench. They will have a real choice for Circuit Court Judge.

They will have the opportunity to elect an attorney with over 30 years of experience in the courtrooms around the State, trying both civil and criminal cases. An attorney who has dedicated 18 years to holding the hands of victims of sexual assault, victims of violent crimes and abused children, helping them to bxring them justice in the courts of Harford County. An attorney who has worked with law enforcement to maintain the safety of this community and keep Harford County a place where we want to live and raise our families.

I have not been appointed to the bench because I do not have the political connections necessary to get the support of the political players in Harford County who are able to wield influence with the governor’s office to get their friends appointed to the bench.

The arrogant and entitled tone of Mr. Hajek’s letter justifies the necessity of my decision to run for the position. Fortunately for the people of Harford County, this year they have a real choice. They can elect a qualified, competent and independent attorney to serve as their Judge. When you vote, please vote for me on Nov. 6.

Diane Adkins-Tobin

Candidate for Circuit Court Judge


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