Havre de Grace police officers corral stray pig found wandering in city's downtown

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It wasn’t an everyday sight in Havre de Grace on Sunday evening — a small pig wandering the streets downtown.

“Flash,” as he has been named, was picked up around 7 p.m. and taken to the Humane Society of Harford County in Fallston, where he is staying temporarily.

A citizen called Havre de Grace Police just before 7 p.m. Sunday, asking officers to check near the intersection of Congress and Union avenues downtown for a small pig running in the area, according to Cpl. Dan Petz, spokesperson for the Havre de Grace Police Department.

Within minutes of receiving the call, officers were walking the area and found the pig. It was caught shortly thereafter, Petz said.

Harford County Animal Control picked up the pig, but not before the officers who wrangled him took a few pictures.

“They thought it was kind of neat, because it’s such a rare occurrence to find a pig, at least in Havre de Grace. Maybe somewhere that’s a normal occurrence, but definitely not here,” Petz said.

The Humane Society gets farm animals frequently, so the appearance of a pig isn’t unusual, Marketing Coordinator Erin Long said.

The staff there named the pig, a male, “Flash.” He’s on a stray hold for the owner to claim until Friday, when he becomes available for adoption after the humane society opens at 11 a.m.

“We’re hoping somebody comes forward for him,” Long said.

The staff is working with Flash to get him more comfortable at what is hopefully his temporary home, she said.

“He’s very scared, he’s very hand-shy,” she said.

Some of the more “farm-animal savvy” staff are working with Flash to get him to earn their trust, Long said.

Flash is a pot-bellied pig who is definitely meant to be a pet, Long said. He’s not for eating. He still could grow to be several hundred pounds, Long said.

Because he’s so shy, it’s difficult to know if Flash was well-cared for, Long said.

“Sometimes, I wonder if they got the little guy and weren’t prepared for how big he was going to get or maybe what his needs were and maybe they just abandoned him,” she said. “Unusual pets are a novelty when they’re little, they’re cute when they’re little. But small animals get bigger.”

Someone who has experience with pot-bellied pigs would be the best owner for Flash. Because of his temperament, Flash needs to be an inside pet or kept in a yard. He can also be house-trained, if someone is willing to invest the time, she said.

“He needs someone savvy who knows what they’re doing and has patience to help him get socialized,” Long said.

Havre de Grace Police are also asking the pig’s owner, or anyone who knows who he might belong to, to come forward and contact either Havre de Grace Police at 410-939-2121 or the Humane Society at 410-836-1090.

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