Havre de Grace installs downtown sound system

The Aegis

Havre de Grace’s city government announced it has installed a public address sound system in the city’s downtown area.

The system consists of 28 centrally controlled speakers along St. John Street, Washington Street and in front of the Visitors Center on Pennington Avenue.

The speaker units will provide daily low volume, licensed, family friendly music and also will broadcast programming during select special events, according to a city news release. Each speaker is designed for high quality, all weather background sound reinforcement.

According to the city, the sound system and central controller cost $32,963 with an additional $6,400 spent on labor and infrastructure upgrades.

“The music is a lovely addition to the ambience of downtown Havre de Grace. After all, music is good for the soul and gives life to everything," Havre de Grace Alliance board member Johnny Boker said in a statement. “Imagine wintertime, a late evening leaving a restaurant in town and walking to your car to the sound of light Christmas music as you stroll through soft falling snow. I think it's great. Let us draw citizens into our area with new innovative ideas.”

The new sound system is the latest action by the administration of Mayor William T. Martin to enhance the city’s Arts and Entertainment District and promote a welcoming 21st century downtown atmosphere, according to the news release.

“The speakers will be sure to improve the overall enjoyment for all visitors to our downtown district," Martin said. “This in return will increase our economic vitality and profile.”

Other downtown improvement projects include the installation of an electric vehicle charging station, pole banners, recycling containers and most notably the downtown up lights.

“The Chamber of Commerce is pleased the city continues to make strategic investments downtown and has taken a forward thinking approach toward developing a business friendly environment,” Cathy Vincenti, executive director of the Havre de Grace Chamber of Commerce, said. “The new sound system will certainly have a positive impact on our downtown business.”


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