Some real green [Editorial]

A lot of people around here get worked up over St. Patrick’s Day and the Wearin’ O the Green and all of its associated revelry.

In Wednesday’s pp&t, there was plenty of other green for Harford County to be excited about. No, not money, but valuable green nonetheless, as in the green of environmentalism.

Kristie Smith, a science teacher at Edgewood Middle, was named the Secondary Green Teacher of the Year and Terri Smith, a speech and language pathologist at Hickory Elementary, was named the Elementary Green Teacher of the Year. Both were so honored at the 10th annual Environmental Scholarship and Green Awards.

And then there were the student winners, including Sara Eiler, from Fallston High School, who was named the countywide winner.

None of this is new. The scholarship program started in 1972 and more than $250,000 has been awarded to students about to pursue some sort of environmental studies.

There’s a whole bunch of people out there, sadly, including a bunch of elected officials, who should know better, who keep denying the deleterious effects of the human race on the planet everyone needs for life.

Every day, we as humans and our way of life violate the first tenet of medicine: “Do no harm.”

It’s not important to argue that, or with those whose entrenched view is mankind is not harming the planet, here.

What is important, however, is there are teachers and other scientific adult minds leading young people down a path of learning that the planet that sustains us all is not only fragile, but also not beyond extinction, if all of its inhabitants don’t take better care of it.

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