Read on, Harford [Editorial]

The Harford County Public Library kicked off its annual summer reading program – this year’s theme is “Libraries Rock” – Monday at each of its branches.

Being able to not only read, but also to read well has never been more essential. That’s a truism that doesn’t change. Generations ago, those who could read had great advantages over those who couldn’t. It’s unfathomable how people can function, although too many do, in today’s world with little or no reading skills.

Reading facilitates knowledge and knowledge is power. The more one can and does read, the better. As Mark Twain is credited with saying: “The man who doesn’t read good books has no advantage over the man who can’t read them.”

More reading means more knowledge and more knowledge better prepares every person to succeed in the modern world.

Beyond enlightening, reading is inspiring and uplifting. From swashbuckling tales of yesteryear to futuristic stories of a world yet created, reading takes people to places they’ve never been or to places they will never be able to visit.

Computer generated images have done marvelous things, creating or recreating places in stunningly realistic scenes in movies, on television or other digital platforms. Those beautiful images, however, can’t surpass the visions one can create with words leaping off of a page or an electronic screen.

More importantly, as the old ad campaign says: “Reading is Fun-damental,” as in it’s a lot of fun and it’s an essential life skill.

As thousands and thousands of Harford County children and teenagers have done over they years, one of the best ways to fuel the imagination and broadening one’s horizons is through the “Libraries Rock!” summer reading program. We highly recommend it.

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