Cub Scouts place flags on Veterans graves at Bel Air Memorial Gardens

The Aegis

Cub Scouts from local Packs 238 and 999 gathered at the Bel Air Memorial Gardens Sunday afternoon to keep the tradition of placing new American flags on the graves of the approximately 500 veterans buried there in honor of Veterans Day.

The service project which began with Pack 238 16 years ago is still going strong with about 40 scouts along with some parents and siblings coming out to participate.

Special guest speakers U.S. Army Maj. Billy Thomas and Pvt. Micah Ray were on hand to thank those who came out for their commitment to the project.

“I want to thank you for your coming out here today to pay tribute to our veterans across all of our services who are buried here in this cemetery with this project. Today, being out here and giving back to our community as scouts is what it’s all about,” said Thomas as he addressed the group before they set out on their mission.

With a few final instructions from Pack 238 Scout leader Jeff Clark the group took their boxes and bundles of new American flags and fanned out across the cemetery pulling up the older flags and replacing them with fresh new ones and searching for those veterans gravestones without flags. All of the older flags collected were boxed up and according to Clark and other scout leaders will be properly retired during a scout ceremony at a later date.

“ I can’t thank you all enough for your dedication and diligence to make sure we got all the flags out on the gravestones that needed them today. This is one of our service projects that means a lot to me personally and again I can’t thank you all enough for helping to do it well.” Clark said as the scouts gathered around after the event.

Veterans Day is Saturday, November 11.

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