Bel Air Independence Day events and contest results

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Results from Independence Day events and contests in Bel Air on July 4, provided by the Bel Air Independence Day Committee:

Horseshoe pitching

Men’s Singles:

1st: George Algard, Havre de Grace

2nd: Michael Thompson, Aberdeen

Men’s Doubles:

1st: Jeff Cooper, Delta, PA, and Ricky Lee Morrison, Street

2nd: Carlos Shaw, Reisterstown and Wondell Shaw, Reisterstown

Women’s Singles:

1st: Vicki Smith, Darlington

2nd: Gizzy Stokes, Havre de Grace

Women’s Doubles:

1st: Gizzy Stokes, Havre de Grace and Reese Shaw, Reisterstown

2nd: Vicki Smith, Darlington and Bre Smith, Darlington

Water Balloon Toss: 134 participants

Ages 6 and under:

1st: Brad and Indy Panchura, Bel Air

2nd: Audry and Eric Jett, Bel Air

3rd: Nathanael and Renee Muir, Bel Ai

Ages 7-9:

1st: Brian and Cody Meisenhelder, Bel Air

2nd: Sienna Klima and Glendene Strikland, Forest Hill

3rd: Sam and Bryn Raedeke, Bel Air

Ages 10-12:

1st: Tim and Peyton Greiner, Bel Air

2nd: Madie and Gabe Greathouse, Bel Air

3ed: Asher and Judah Bobrow, Perry Hall

Ages 13 and older:

1st: John Medows and Mike Foults, Bel Air

2nd: Dan and Susan Greathouse, Bel Air

3rd: Margaret Palmer and Lix McCortney, Forest Hill

Costume Contest: 29 participants

Most Patriotic:

1st: Lisa Andrews of Bel Air as a 4th of July Bunny

2nd: Lorelei Parsons of Bel Air as a Patriotic Person

3rd: Ciana Klima of Forest Hill as a Patriotic County Person

Best General:

1st: Stephanie and Samantha Stidham of Joppatowne as Patriotic Twins

2nd: Isaac Bloch of Bel Air as a Dragon

3rd: Molly Bloch of Bel Air as Wonder Woman Mermaid

Uncle Sam Says

Ages 5 -7:

1st: Sophia Hennigan, Bel Air

2nd: Briar Boebel, Bel Air

3rd: Leila Will, Fallston

Ages 8-10:

1st: Griffin Stewart, Bel Air

2nd: Aiden Martin, Abingdon

3rd: Brooklyn Szewczyk, Bel Air

Ages 11-13:

1st: Morgan Hennigen, Bel Air

2nd: Elon Nolan, Bel Air

3rd: Alyssa Ogle, Abingdon

Ages 14 and older:

1st: Matt Battaglia, Bel Air

2nd: Abbey Battaglia, Bel Air

3rd: Bryan Stewart, Bel Air

Bicycle Rodeo

Best Decorated, Girls: Lily Coleman, Delta, PA

Best Decorated, Boys: Logan Wierzbolowicz, Pylesville

Tricycle/Training Wheels:

1st: John Nimme

2nd: Adrianna Macree

3rd: Teddy Adolph

Ages 5 and under:

1st: Gage Sather, Havre de Grace

2nd: Harper Bradshaw, Bel Air

3rd Ryder McNutt, Bel Air

Ages 6-8:

1st: Brady Sather, Havre de Grace

2nd: Cody Meisenhelder, Bel Air

3rd: Alex Meisenhelder, Bel Air

Ages 9-10:

1st: Nicholas Michalesko, South Carolina

2nd: Savanna Cornes, Bel Air

3rd: Peyton Greiner, Bel Air

Ages 11-13:

1st: Jacob Michalesko, South Carolina

2nd: Olivia Krause, Joppa

3rd: Anna Bennett, Bel Air

Watermelon Eating

Ages 6 and under:

1st: Justice Gopps

2nd: Luke Benesch

3rd: Carter Phillippi

Ages 7-10:

1st: Jillian Rhodes, Bel Air

2nd: Christian Levine, Bel Air

3rd: Emma Butner, Bel Air

Ages 11-16:

1st: Connor Moore, Bel Air

2nd: Norman Jones, Delta, PA

3rd: Allison Mace, Bel Air

Ages 17 and older:

1st: Brian Daniels, Havre de Grace

2nd: Brian Benesch, Bel Air

3rd: Eric Woltz, Bel Air

This story has been corrected to include the full results from the Bicycle Rodeo.
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