Greco family of Bel Air spreads holiday cheer with 25 Days of Christmas kindness

On the first day of Christmas, the Grecos of Bel Air…

Kicked off their 25 Days Of Christmas Kindness with doughnuts for the custodial staff at Bel Air Elementary School.

Their 25 Days Of Christmas Kindness was born from the idea that the Grecos – Michael and Megan and their children, Mikey, 11, and Victoria, 7 – wanted to do nice things for their community.

“We noticed a lot of people aren’t necessarily kind,” Megan said. “We want to show there is more to Christmas than Santa.”

Inspired by Megan’s cousin, who feeds the homeless in Philadelphia “every single Sunday, whether it’s a holiday or not,” the family compiled a list over Thanksgiving weekend of random kind things they wanted to do.

They narrowed them down to the ones that were easier and more “doable” than others, Megan said.

The acts of kindness aren’t meant to break the bank, she said.

“They were things we could do within our budget or hand-make,” Megan said.

They’ve been posting their daily acts of kindness on Facebook, in hopes of inspiring other people.

“We want to include everybody and show that being kind and doing these things should come naturally and easily and should be recognized, so it motivates others to do the same thing and take time out of a busy day,” Megan said. “Don’t be entitled, put other people first.”

Already, Megan and Michael have noticed changes in their children.

At school recently, Victoria helped a classmate clean up and organize her desk because the classmate had arrived late for school and the “desk fairy” was coming.

“They’ve always been very nice, kind kids and fun kids,” Michael said. “Now, it’s at the forefront of their minds.”

They come downstairs in the morning, open their Advent calendars then ask what their kind activity is for they day.

“Doing kind things for other people just to cheer them up or put a smile on their face, that’s not something they get every day,” Michael said. “Let’s look for opportunities to be kind rather than if they happen to present themselves.”

Many of the kind acts have centered on their Major’s Choice community as well as the kids’ school – Bel Air Elementary. On different days, they’ve brought in treats for the secretaries and the janitor and one day baby wipes for the art teacher, who doesn’t have a sink in her classroom.

In the community, they’ve made a delivery to Bel Air Town Hall and to their school crossing guard.

The response has been wonderful, Megan said.

“It’s been awesome. The school staff gets very excited when we bring in something for school,” she said. “Hopefully we’re making a small impact on our community to pay it forward.”

Mikey, a fifth-grader at Bel Air Elementary, said it’s important to be kind to people.

“Because it can make a big difference even though it’s a small thing,” he said. “Something small can help a neighbor or help the community – I think it makes them feel happy or important.”

He has enjoyed their family project.

“It’s making us feel good because we know it’s affecting everyone in a good way,” he said.

Victoria has been busy making cards to give to people. In them she says “We love you” and “have a Merry Christmas and be kind,” she said.

For the last 22 days, she said, they’ve been “handing out stuff to people we know or we like “because we are nice to other people. We care about them,” the first-grader at Bel Air Elementary said.

Both kids’ favorite mission so far was the one last Sunday, when they handed out sweet treats and notes to neighbors in their Major’s Choice community.

“We handed out cookies and cards,” Victoria said.

While they’re learning there’s more to Christmas than Santa, they still want Santa Claus to come to their house.

Victoria, who’s asked for a Barbie My Size Throne, play makeup and a Nintendo DS, said she thinks Santa will bring her those things.

“Because I was nice. I think I’ve been nice all year,” she said.

Mikey, who isn’t into games as much as he used to be, asked Santa for games for his Nintendo Switch. He, too, thinks he’ll get what he’s asked for.

“I’ve been good,” he said, “and especially with the 25 Days of Christmas Kindness.”

Mikey says he intends to continue to be kind after Christmas.

“I think it will make everyone, not just me, think to do better things and good things,” he said.

He’s already seen some people being nicer, by helping friends get up when they’ve tripped or making a donation.

The family intends to bring back 25 Days of Christmas Kindness next year, because it’s been such a hit, and keep up their kindness acts after Christmas, just not every day.

“We’ll do random things here and there, but it will be nowhere near as consecutive,” Megan said. “I’m anxious to see what the kids do on their own.”

“We want it to be a way of life. For people to show they’re good human beings with good morals and they care,” she said.

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