Trump doesn't get it, nor does Aegis letter writer Anthony Lambros, according to this rebuttal [Letter]

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Regarding: “Trump gets it, the Democrats never will,” published in The Aegis Open Forum on Feb. 9:

Yes, Mr. Lambros, I do not understand President Trump's "unusual communication rhetoric." I do not understand how bombastically loud and repetitive vocalizations are simply expected to be accepted as the truth. Over 2,000 untruths have been attributed to him.

The swamp is either being drained – or not filled, as evidenced by the large number of White House staff members who have left amid the chaos or the equally large number of positions that remain unfilled.

As for possible impeachment being a pipe dream that remains to be seen. In 1973 impeachment was also a pipe dream, but a year later it [almost] occurred.

As for labeling the Russian collusion investigation "baseless," only time will tell.

Unless, of course, the president decides to fire everyone involved in the investigation because he is worried that it will reveal information that may be damaging to his presidency. His attacks on the DOJ and the press have no place in a democracy. These are actions normally associated with a dictatorship.

Mostly, I do not understand our archaic electoral college system that totally disregards the popular vote. Also, I do not understand the legality of gerrymandering.

However, most of all I do not understand why Letters to the Editor over 300 words like yours are allowed.

MaryLee A. Stritch


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