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Being 'uncivil' starts at the top with Trump [Letter]

The Aegis


With regard to Ed Garano's Letter "Fox News provides balance, civility" (The Aegis, Wednesday June 27).

The criticisms that Mr. Garono attributed to the major networks and liberals should more accurately be attributed to President Trump. He is "over the top as possible in criticism and name-calling."

President Trump has been sadly lacking in civility, so I believe he is definitely the one "leading the charge," and this is quite apparent in his daily bombastic tirades.

Mr. Garono states "We can stop tolerating uncivil behavior by not voting for it." I totally agree, so I urge Mr. Garono to not vote for President Trump in the future. With regard to Mr. Garono objecting to the term "porn star" being used frequently in the news, if the President had not cheated on his wife and had not tried to cover up his adultery with a payment to the porn star there would have been no need to hear the term so frequently on the nightly news.

As for Mr. Garono's remark that being "un-civil wins" and that is why President Trump became President I want to remind Mr. Garono that President Trump did not win the popular vote.

He was elected because of the antiquated electoral college method of electing the President of the United States. Furthermore, I beg to differ that Mitt Romney lost because he "would not bash Obama when he had the chance." Mitt Romney lost the election because Americans were ready for a change and they were ready for a man of integrity to step into the White House.

Furthermore, I firmly disagree that being "un-civil wins." Everyone loses when the lack of civility of the President and his inability to "stick to the facts" (attributed to the major networks by Mr. Garono) causes our allies to lose respect for the Presidency and the United States of America.

MaryLee A. Stritch


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