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Wini Roche will be bipartisan representing District F on Harford County Council [Letter]


My friend, Wini Roche, is running for County Council, District F. It has been my pleasure to be her neighbor and walking partner for many years and it will be my pleasure to vote for her in the upcoming election.

My husband and I own a small business, Stephens & Stephens Clocks, in Havre de Grace and we live in town. We have had the pleasure of watching Wini turn Havre de Grace into the thriving tourist destination that it has become. She deserves much credit for the changes that have occurred over the years.

In her work as a destination marketing professional, she created the tourism program for Havre de Grace. I can tell you firsthand that change was not always easy in our little town and new ideas were often dismissed. Wini, however, had a vision, and she persisted.

Many scoffed at her vision of Havre de Grace becoming a wedding destination, and at the idea that First Fridays would bring people in to town. Fast forward 15 years and you will find many busy wedding venues and First Fridays that rival other towns.

Under Wini’s leadership, the first Visitor Center was opened. That had a huge impact on local business, including ours. Wini does not give up on what she believes in, and she has served her community with integrity.

I believe Wini will continue to serve the larger community with integrity as a councilwoman for District F. It’s just part of her character. She cares about what I care about. She is an amazing mom of a son who attends public school, and she understands the challenges of working families. She will have your back and listen to your concerns. As a former educator, mother and grandmother, that is important to me and I am proud to call her my friend. I will be proud to be one of her constituents.

I know that Wini will be bipartisan in her approach to politics because I have watched her stand up for what she believes in, compromise when necessary, and never give up. This is important to me as a voter. I am among the many independent Americans who are sick of partisan politics and fighting, and I would like to see integrity become the norm. I look for those who mirror my ideals and I don’t vote by party.

In my opinion, Wini meets my personal requirements. It will be my pleasure to vote for her in the upcoming election in November. I hope that it will be your pleasure too.

Vicki Stephens

Havre de Grace

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