Change judicial selection to end 'good ol' boy network' [Letter]


Thank you for your article on the replacing of a Harford County District Court judge.

I read the article with interest, especially the statements by Mr. Braue.

He mentioned the importance of a judge having prior interest in Harford County, especially community involvement.

The counterpoint which he did not mention was the strengthening of the “good ol’ boy network.”

The law is supposed to be impartial, not influenced by prejudices, etc. The problem with hiring from within the existing law community is they all know each other. Lawyer friends standing before lawyer friends more times than not fosters favoritism.

Hence, the good ol’ boy network.

Personally, I believe judges should be picked from adjoining jurisdictions, which would help insulate from such favoritism.

Again, thank you for your article.

Ron Schlicht


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