Aegis story on Gregg Allen was 'uplifting,' more are needed [Letter]

The Aegis


Thank you for Mr. Gregg Allen's story in your Friday, March 2 edition. I'd like to see more stories like this one. I found Mr. Allen's story to be uplifting, and one that should be inspiring to all our young adults, especially young black Americans.

His passion for math and engineering; his patriotism serving our nation in his DoD career; his hard work and commitment throughout his life; his dedication to community service; his mentoring of young adults; his love of God and sacred music; and his love of his son paint a portrait of an amazing man, father and American.

It is sad to read his words about the negativity and doubt young black Americans continue to encounter; that not all cheer for young black Americans to succeed; and that black Americans are still fighting for equality and a level playing field.

Mr. Allen's efforts to combat that negativity, intolerance and bigotry should inspire us all to do the same. I, too, hope for the day when we Americans judge each other not by wealth, power, fame, religion or race, but by the “character of our hearts.”

Mr. Allen, I cheer for your son to succeed – in his education, in his life and in his faith. He has an amazing father to inspire him, love him and affirm his efforts and successes. Thank God for men and fathers like Mr. Allen.

Robert Ryczak

Bel Air

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