Two sides to the First District [Letter]

The Aegis


While reading your recent editorial, It's Too Hot, I was reminded, that MD-01 North constituents are prepared to turn up the heat for our congressman.

Mr. Andy Harris is effectively choosing which constituents he wants to represent-his supporters on the Eastern Shore. I know this because I have made it my mission to have Andy Harris represent me, and my fellow Harford County neighbors.

This last year, I learned what Andy Harris and his staff are really made of. I set out with a simple goal; connect with Representative, Andy Harris. I only received the infamous 'canned' letter after sending seven emails, many phone calls and a visit to his D.C. office. It took four months and my repeated efforts, to receive that letter from the congressman – a letter that didn't answer my questions.

At that point, it didn't matter what the letter said, it mattered that Andy Harris and his staff were more committed to have me disappear, than to listen to me. There are countless Northern MD-01 residents who share my story. The truth is, Andy Harris represents his highest donors, and not the constituents he was appointed (not anointed) to represent.

Fellow Harford County residents, if your story is like mine, come canvass with me. Visit Facebook page, Allies for MD-01 North. Join us in our efforts to petition Andy Harris. Harford County needs and deserves a town hall meeting accessible for everyone. Without it, Andy Harris is failing his constituents north of the Eastern Shore.

Chelsea Roberts


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