Toll lane extension to Bel Air appears to be poor planning [Letter]


I have reviewed the plan for extension of toll lanes from White Marsh to Route 24. I find this to be typically poor infrastructure planning. It may be true as is stated in the plan that “implementation will not worsen the region’s air quality.” That is because it will not service any more traffic than is already using the I-95 corridor. It will simply make it faster for those with sufficient funds to use exclusive lanes. It does nothing to improve transportation for meeting overall air quality national standards and does nothing to provide a plan for transportation in the future.

It is reported to be funded by “all toll lanes,” which means the folks who must use the interstate will fund an exclusive road for folks who have excess cash. It also says it will be funded by grant monies and other developer sources. Of course that means grant monies will not be available to improve public transportation options.

The United States continues to fall behind most other countries that are improving their infrastructure for the future not for a vision of the past. We need improvements in rapid transit and alternative power sources to clean the environment and support every citizens efforts to find employment and be able to move around in our metropolitan area. I think this is a waste of opportunity.

Barbara Risacher


The writer is a former member of the Harford County Council. Editor.

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