Harford School Board student rep should have a vote on officers [Letter]

The Aegis


How sad to not only see the Harford County Board of Education deny their student representative a vote in the board election process, but to also see that the board doesn't even understand the basic rules of order for a governing body (Student rep denied vote, Aegis, May 18, 2018).

Robert's Rules of Order for governing bodies clearly states that the chair shall not have a vote unless to change the outcome of a vote, or break a tie.

That the current Board President Joseph Voskuhl voted against the proposal violating basic rules of governance – to allow the student representative a vote – is not only an affront to a dedicated young man who has shown enough initiative to become involved in the board's activities and help shape education policies, but also an insult to those similar future adults and leaders that have chosen to engage in municipal governance.

We have essentially told young Mr. Matt Resnik that you can have the board seat but your opinion – i.e. your votes – are basically not welcome.

What a terrible way to treat a young adult, and the argument given – that the student member could be influenced by adult board members – is specious and self-serving.

Let's hope we can remind Mr. Voskuhl that he was once a young adult, and that in order to develop young leadership we need to allow them to think for themselves.

Robert C. Rassa



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