Harford athletic directors summer pay should not have been cut by board [Letter]

The Aegis

The Harford County Board of Education recently voted to cut summer pay for all athletic directors in Harford County Public Schools.

Harford County athletic directors already do more work for less pay than their neighboring counties, as well as some coaching positions within the county. Now they are told they will get even less in the summer.

So when Fall sports begin on August 8, 2018, and paperwork, physicals, concussion testing have to be done, do you expect the athletic directors to work for free?

What about scheduling games throughout the year, hiring and interviewing new coaches, coming into school to get equipment, getting fields ready for the season, working on transportation of buses to get the athletes to and from other schools, working with the athletic trainers, getting medical kits resupplied, making sure coaches of all sports are ready for their season, and any other day to day behind the scene work that the athletic director does at any given time?

During the school year, athletic directors work longer hours and get paid less than some coaches per season. They also teach two classes during the day, which no other neighboring county does. They are left with very little time to actually get their work done without any assistant like many other counties have.

They also have to get fields prepared and courts set up. If weather cancels an event, they are scrambling to reschedule buses and events with other schools. They begin the school day the same time as everyone else but are the last to leave as they close down and lock up.

Jennifer Perkovich


As part of the final budget reduction and balancing for the next school year, the Harford County Board of Education voted on June 11 to reduce the summer pay rate for athletic directors by 25 percent to $120 daily. This was one of several reductions recommended by the superintendent to bring expenditures in balance with revenue. One board member tried to restore the AD summer pay to its prior level, but the proposal was voted down by the full board. Editor


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