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Glass the best choice for delegate in District 34A [Letter]


Maryland Del. Glen Glass remains the best choice for District 34A in Harford County. I met Glen on Route 40 after observing him several days in a row, waving to the mobile members of his community. With my Glen Glass flyer in hand, I stopped by to see what this resilient delegate was all about.

Glen is a high energy person who has the unique ability to shift from topic to topic with a thorough understanding of the needs of his constituents. He categorizes tasks he must perform to ensure the constitutional and personal well-being of every community member within his district. Glen is friendly, warm and approachable with a refreshingly honest and forthright communication style. Our 20-minute conversation only served to pique my interest further. Anyone who has the opportunity to meet with this gentleman face to face will immediately understand what I am saying.

Glen’s ability to address each of his constituents on a personal level is something that is frequently overlooked when voters begin to seriously consider the candidates. The general population expects their representatives to be forthright and honest. In today’s world of habitual conflict, it is easy for voters to get mired in the marketing tactics of politics and the slants of negativity tossed between candidates in mean spirited volleys. Under his friendly, open demeanor, Del. Glass has a strong spirit of virtue and values that allows him to make his stance to protect the community, the people who he is willing to serve. In this era of reform and capitulations, it is this underlying strength that Del. Glass possesses that allows him to address the objective needs of the voters and then move past the personal insults. I know that Glen truly understands his role as a representative. Glen works for the people under the premise that the power he possesses is derived from his constituents, not the other way around. He consistently displays an inexhaustible supply of energy and compassion for all community members within his district.

Cheryl O’Malley

Havre de Grace

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