Beating the Harford Republican machine in November [Letter]


An interesting aspect of the upcoming election here in Harford County, is the apparent number of Democrats who have given up before going to the polls. I am repeatedly told about the terrible Democratic defeatism here in Harford. Why vote, when everybody knows Republicans own the county? Except that they don’t.

As reported in the Baltimore Sun, there were 63,275 Democrats registered to vote in the 2014 general election and 69,726 Republicans. A difference of roughly six-thousand. However, there were also 31,157 Independents, or so-called “unaffiliated” voters in the county.

Republicans “owning” Harford County, is a common misconception. They will own it, but only if Democrats and Independent voters refuse to go out to the polls. They will own it, but only if Democrats and Independents, don’t support Democratic candidates in the run-up to the election.

Together, Democrats and Independents outnumber Republicans by more than 31,000 voters in Harford County. The local Republican machine can be beaten, but only if Democrats and Independents go out and vote.

Let’s set that old defeatism aside and focus on winning. We have the numbers, we just need to go out and get it done on election day.

Ron Olsen

Bel Air

Ron Olsen is the husband of Karen Kukurin, a Democrat running for Harford County Council, District C.

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