Harris votes party line, doesn't represent his district no matter the issue [Letter]


The first district is suffering under the representation of Andy Harris in Washington. Dan Rodricks’ column “Maryland” recently gave us insight to just how Andy Harris feels about freedom of the press. He wrote of the head autocratic ruler of Hungary, Viktor Orban, who in 2014 famously pledged to turn his country into an "’illiberal democracy' like Russia," by centralizing power, controlling the news media and cracking down on academic freedom and dissent.

I remember in October of 1956, when the streets of Budapest were filled with Russian tanks and bodies of revolutionaries lying in the street. Their faint attempt at freedom from Russia, lasted less than three weeks. Harris' Hungarian born father spent two years in a Soviet gulag. I wonder if he was one of those who fought back the tanks with Molotov cocktails, which were simple weapons of bottles filled with gasoline and rags set afire and thrown at the tanks.

Rodricks stated in the article "that Harris decried that the State Department's Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor had offered $700,000 in grants to fund independent new organizations outside of Budapest, aimed at helping media outlets "produce fact-based reporting and increase citizens' access to objective information about domestic and global issues." Hungary is subjecting anyone who speaks for a democratic forum for its people to prison or worse.

Why would a representative in Congress speak for a pro-Russia's involvement in a country that was made free after the breakup of the Soviet Union. Why would Harris expound the virtues of Orban as President Trump does of Putin. Russia had it's hand in the issues that have caused the world to question it's involvement in the Ukraine and by the opinion of Harris, it would also be involved in Hungary.

When it's time to vote, pay attention to whom you give the greatest gift you can give as a voter. Harris has not represented his district, he simply votes the party line no matter what the issue is. We need someone who will vote for the people not the party...

Lois Raimondi Munchel

Forest Hill

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