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Harford Del. Glen Glass believes 'every person matters' [Letter]


Delegate Glen Glass’ most striking core value is his belief that every person matters regardless of race, gender or social status.

Glen is not a power monger who hides behind reflective aviator sunglasses. He is not a member of the elite money of Harford County. He is a hard-working man who values family commitment and social wellbeing. He is a native Marylander who strives to balance community safety, quality education, and equal, non-discriminatory life ethics with growth opportunities and access to work and wellness.

He strives to keep hard earned money where it belongs, in the hands of his constituents who give their life effort for the good of their family. Glen supports the community by voting against pay raises for politicians making over $100,000 per year.

He supports funding to protect our children while they are in the care of our institutions of education. He knows the opioid epidemic is a complex social issue that cannot be addressed by dousing flames with ineffective drops of water and that it must be tackled with a multi-faceted bipartisan plan. Glen is sensitive to biases of gender, race and socio-economic standards and is not afraid to speak out, in hope that others will realize the insidious nature of social bias and how it affects the stability of the community and the valuable resources of District 34A.

The financial, social, spiritual, physical and psychological well being of our community is always foremost in his decision-making processes. Glen is involved in keeping utility costs affordable and is against persistent rate hikes for BGE, used by the company; not to provide better and consistent service, but to offset the expense of smart meter installation and maintenance.

Rebecca Millitello

Havre de Grace

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