'Hurting, Healing, Feeling' exhibit coming to Harford today [Letter]

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This Wednesday, June 27, the "Hurting, Healing, Feeling" project and arts exhibitions begins at the Havre de Grace Library at 5:30 p.m.

Other activities will take place on Friday at the Bel Air Armory (5 p.m.) and Saturday in Aberdeen (2 p.m.).

This project sponsored by The New Day Campaign and the Harford County Cultural Arts Board challenges the stigma and discrimination, associated with substance abuse and mental illness.

Please check out the blue “Hurting, Healing, Feeling” link spark.adobe.com/page/f6JUsVGgMZp2d/.

These are powerful, inspiring events and art activities.

Hope to see you there!

Don Mathis

Havre de Grace

The following remarks were delivered via letter at the Aberdeen City Council meeting Monday night:

Over the next week — through June 30 — thanks to sponsorship from the Harford County Cultural Arts Board, my initiative called the New Day Campaign brings to Harford County a project called “Hurting, Healing, Feeling.”

Three events (June 27, June 29, and June 30) and three art exhibitions across five locations, drilling down into those three things - hurting, healing, feeling - seek to challenge stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness and substance use, and thereby making the world a more healing place.

Information about all this can be found at our website www.newdaycampaign.org.

Lest we forget, each life lost leaves an ache. Let's not forget: let's remember. Remember... and do all we can with all the humanism, compassion, care, and know-how we can muster to reverse the tide.

It is on us. We can be the difference, and we can come together and speak of love and loss, hope and resilience. We can join the fellowship of those who do not judge and shame but rather seek wisdom and understanding. That is what the New Day Campaign is all about, and that is what "Hurting, Healing, Feeling" is all about.

Peter Bruun


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