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No on-the-job training for circuit court judges [Letter]


This letter is in response to Franklin Hajek’s letter to the editor on the Circuit Court Judge’s race.

Hajek is the treasurer for the politically appointed judges Ishak and Kreis.

Circuit Court Judge races are non-partisan but Hajek’s letter to the editor reeks of political partisanship. Instead of offering solid, performance-based reasons to support his candidates, he states the other candidates running are seeking a “back door entry” to the Circuit Court and are “not the best.”

any judges retire during their term in order to let the governor make a political appointment, which is how Ishak and Kreis got their jobs, but the constitutional process requires them to run for office, so that WE THE PEOPLE get a say.

The candidate I am supporting is Diane Adkins-Tobin. She has 30 years of trial experience, both civil and criminal, and she has devoted 18 years of her career to helping keep Harford County safe as a prosecutor of child abuse, sexual assault, gang related crimes and murder cases.

She has been promoted to supervising and overseeing the operation of the District Court Division, the Juvenile Court, the Domestic Violence unit and she is currently the chair of the Child Advocacy Center, which is responsible for the investigating and prosecuting crimes of abuse and exploitation of children in Harford County. She is a past president of the Harford County Bar Association.

Despite the nasty insinuations of Hajek, Diane has in fact been vetted by the exact same process as Ishak and Kreis, and like them, was deemed qualified for this job. She has been endorsed by the Deputy Sheriff’s Union.

I have known her personally for almost 20 years and know that she is without a doubt the most qualified. Ishak and Kreis have minimal criminal trial experience. Do you want to appear in front of a judge who is getting their training on the job?

When you vote, vote for experience: Diane Adkins-Tobin. To make sure she has the best chance to win, only vote for her: One and Done. If you want to see how she has been protecting you, check out this small sample of her successful prosecutions.

DeLane Lewis


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