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Aegis letter was straight out of the liberal playbook [Letter]

The Aegis


In response to Mary Lee Stritch’s editorial rant of Nov. 7, I’m accused of wrong-headed thinking by telling the truth. I suppose truth and facts are different for liberal mindsets. In Ms. Stritch’s view, the fact that Blumenthal, a U.S. Senator, openly lied about serving in Vietnam is somehow OK, if he served at all in any military capacity. I would tell Ms. Stritch to ask any Vietnam veteran what they think about Blumenthal’s “service.” As to President Trump’s [draft] deferment, it is no different than Bill Clinton’s.

Ms. Stritch’s defense of Christine Blasey Ford seeking justice is all well and good as long as Ms. Ford had real evidence of any involvement by Justice Kavanaugh. She did not, and her claims of sexual attack by Kavanaugh had more holes in her testimony than a golf course. Senator Grassley’s recent Senate report clearly showed there was not any evidence or corroboration by anyone that Kavanaugh was involved. In fact, recent criminal referrals have been issued for several phony sexual abuse accusers of Justice Kavanaugh’s past. But what do facts and the truth matter to M’s. Stritch?

Perhaps Ms. Ford was the victim of some attack, by someone, on some date, sometime or somewhere. If so, where are her witnesses she stated where there? Where is there any documentation or police report? In short, where is the evidence? Even so, why didn’t Ms. Ford expose her claims when Kavanaugh served on the federal court prior to his SCOTUS hearing? Why the delay? Kavanaugh had every right to defend himself, as does anyone wrongly accused.

Ms. Stritch’s comments are right out of the liberal left’s playbook: Deflect, avoid, impugn, invent, resist and most of all, imagine unfounded events that further their agenda One question; how is that Russian collusion thing working out?

Anthony Lambros


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