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Kavanaugh hearing was a witchhunt [Letter]


I have watched no less than seven Supreme Court nominations in my years. The Brett Kavanaugh nomination process has been nothing short of an inquisition by the Democratic members of the Judiciary Committee and contained similar unsubstantiated personal accusations against Kavanaugh echoing the Salem Witch Trials. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, accused Brett Kavanaugh of a sexual assault over thirty years ago. She may well have been sexually assaulted as a teenager, but the evidence that Kavanaugh actually committed the deed fell apart with Kavanaugh’ s passionate defense, his daily high school journal, personal references, letters of endorsement, and lifetime achievements all helped to vindicate his reputation. In addition, his human emotion reflected the heavy emotional cost of being wrongly accused and suffering under the veil of being held guilty by the Democrats before being held innocent of the crime. The Democrats on the committee exhibited the worst in party politics. They were disgraceful in their questions and allegations of Kavanaugh’ s past. The Democratic members had no real interest in discussing the sworn testimony of those who testified under penalty of perjury that Kavanaugh was innocent. Perhaps the most blatant display of arrogance came from Senator Blumenthal who admonished Kavanaugh that “integrity” was critical to his hearing, this coming from a person who openly lied about serving in Vietnam. So much for Blumenthal’s integrity. Then came Senator Booker, who told the judge sexual predators must be dealt with criminally, this from an admitted sexual molester. So much for Booker’s soiled past. Then, Senator Feinstein’s reprehensible display of dementia as to how Dr. Ford’s letter leaked out of her office opening this circus of the absurd hearing to delay or sink Kavanaugh’ s nomination strictly for political advantage in the mid-term elections. The DC swamp is real.

Ford was used by the Democrats as a pawn to further their party’s liberal agenda, using the hearing in hopes of regaining the House of Representatives and the Senate, it was not about the truth. Indirectly causing irreparable harm to both Ford and Kavanaugh’s lives meant nothing to the committee Democrats. Senator Lindsey Graham’s passionate comments summed up the Democratic position as a sham hearing rang true, and Senator Kennedy asked Kavanaugh if he felt he was truthful to God also rang true.

Reflecting back to Clarence Thomas’s 1990 nomination hearing and Anita Hill’s accusations of sexual charges against Thomas, yielded the judge to describe his process as a “high-tech” lynching. In Kavanaugh’s case, the only thing the committee Democrats forgot was a rope.

Anthony Lambros


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