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Kavanaugh hearings between reality TV, bad sitcom [Letter]


Being able to record and watch the confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh to be the next Supreme Court justice was somewhere between reality TV and a bad sitcom. The Republican conservatives on the committee largely asked relevant, probing questions of Kavanaugh’s legal acumen, adherence to our constitutional republic and rational for previous written positions. The liberal Democrats largely attempted to twist his legal opinions into political “land mines” hoping Kavanaugh would step on one and reveal a vapor of racial discrimination or anti-abortion bias. There wasn’t any bias on his part and Kavanaugh’s supreme legal intellect made those voicing opposition to his confirmation sound hollow and patently partisan without any real substance or gravity attached to their inquisition.

The theatre of the absurd came in a Kabuki style drama when Senator Corey Booker declared he was willing to fall on his sword and be expelled from the Senate with the unauthorized release of confidential documents purported to show Kavanaugh as a racist. He also stated by doing so, it would be his “I am Spartacus” moment and asked his fellow committee Democrats to follow his lead.

An episode of the Twilight Zone would be hard pressed to match Booker’s rhetoric. Corey needs a history lesson. Why would a black politician want to emulate a white slave? The “I am Spartacus” reference comes from a 1960 Hollywood film script with Kirk Douglas portraying the captured slave army leader. One problem, Spartacus was killed in a 71BC battle with Roman legions in Southern Italy.

And when Senator Booker asked his fellow Democrats to follow his Spartacus example ignores the fact that 6,000 survivors of Spartacus’s real 71BC slave army were all crucified for miles along the Appian Way. Not exactly a sign of senatorial leadership. But liberal presidential hopefuls like Booker don’t mind the attention, even if it parodies other phony rhetoric, like, “You can keep your doctor”.

Brett Kavanaugh will soon be confirmed as a Supreme Court justice. His confirmation will be deafening to those screaming, liberal-backed activists who disrupted the proceedings. For myself, I would tell those screamers what Jack Nicholson said playing a Marine in another film, “You can’t handle the truth!”

Anthony Lambros


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