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Regardless of where we came from, our goal has been freedom [Letter]

The Aegis

As a Democrat I find the letter by Anthony Lambros (Aegis, Wednesday, June 27) an insult.

First, as a Republican he throws me into a group of people called liberals and then calls himself a conservative. Considering Liberal is derived from the word Liberty, I wish to thank him for the compliment. As far as the word conservative, I suggest he look that word up in the dictionary. I consider there is no compliment in that word.

As a genealogist I have researched my entire family. Heritage being German, Dutch, Scandinavian all East European with a little Jewish and a small percent of Asian. We have all felt the pain of those fleeing their respective governments and surroundings looking for safety, like so many of my ancestors did when arriving in this country. Of course, they felt the pain as outcasts much like those at the southern border. Much like the Chinese, Japanese, Italians, Greeks, and let us not forget the witch burning of our past history, as well as slavery.

My heritage in this country goes back to the early 1700's from three different blood lines and one about 1830. That ancestor from Montgomery County, Pa., has his oath of allegiance in the county courthouse. Twelve of them served in the Revolutionary War, which allowed me to join the Sons of the Revolutionary War. In fact, I have found a family member whose has served in every war this country was ever in, including the Civil War with family members on both sides. My seventh great grandfather Christopher Heller and his son Michael where both in the Revolutionary War. Hellertown, Pa., where I grew up was named after Christopher. Myself being a Marine veteran joins that long tradition.

My ancestors have given me something many people in this world do not have: Freedom. Sincerely I want to thank them. Thanking them is not building a wall around the United States of America, separating families and putting their children all around this country that the families know nothing about them. Sending people back to their own country where they will be killed. Putting their children up for adoption. As a believer in the teachings of Jesus, this is not what I envision the creator wants from us. Love thy neighbor as they self, shines like a beacon on a hill thru out the world, yet we become petty like a Satan.

What is happening in this country is a total shame, brought about by politics. Dividing people with cruel and unjust issues all in the name of politics. Just to win an election, politics have come to a point of destroying our country from the inside. Dividing us over immigrants, guns, abortions, bias, religion all for money, power and greed. May there be mercy on our souls, for truly we will destroy ourselves from within.

Gordon Koerner


The writer is a Democratic nominee for the Maryland House of Delegates in Legislative District 7 — Harford and Baltimore counties. Editor

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