Veteran Harford state's attorney endorses David Ryden to be his successor [Letter]

The Aegis


After 36 years as the State’s Attorney for Harford County, I am constantly stopped by voters asking who I support to be the next State’s Attorney – that person is Deputy State’s Attorney Dave Ryden.

What makes a person right for the job of State’s Attorney?

First, learning the job in an office that does it right – an office with proven results like having one of the best drunk driving conviction rates in the state and an office that does not have a “catch and release” attitude for dangerous felons, but gets prison time for violent criminals and career drug dealers.

Learning innovation, like putting together the first Family Justice Center in Maryland bringing the resources to confront domestic violence, elder abuse and child abuse together to serve victims and families. David Ryden will not make mistakes with lives of crime victims trying to learn the job.

Dave Ryden has received his trial experience and leadership orientation working in the Harford County State’s Attorney’s Office. I know he won’t change policies that work but will continue and improve them.

Second, being part of the team deals with crime and its effects. David Ryden has a strong working relationship with the Harford County sheriff, police and other criminal justice agencies that just does not happen overnight but takes years to develop. David is overwhelmingly supported by the police to be the next state’s attorney.

Third, David Ryden has been leading the office through several years of installing and implementing technological changes that other candidates are completely unfamiliar with. His campaign is supported by the prosecutors in the office who want him as their next leader.

I think it would be a terrible mistake to choose any candidate other than David Ryden and I will be voting for him for State’s Attorney.

Joe Cassilly

State’s Attorney for Harford County

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