Del. Glen Glass appeals to voters for another term [Letter]

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It is a great honor to serve in Annapolis and I promise to continue fighting for Conservative Values!! Under Gov. Hogan, I was appointed along with our very own State Senator Bob Cassilly to the Committee on Federal Relations representing Harford County. It was there that I learned about the Proposed Vehicle Mileage Tax (VMT) that I strongly oppose and promise to fight against; we are taxed enough already! I support Less Taxing!

This is the dirtiest campaign season I have ever seen! The union, the political HC Sheriff's Union, wanting their police friends to win all over Harford and Baltimore counties, has gotten so political and dirty in my opinion, even attacking me saying I don't support the police, really?

An attack on me is an attack on you! They're attacking me because I voted against collective bargaining for the Sheriff's Department and against Sheriff Jeff Gahler's big fat pay raise that County Executive Barry Glassman even opposed.

I opposed the HC County Council voting themselves a big fat pay raise as well! I think that if you are a Republican you should act like it! I vote against all pay raises for politicians!

As a Reagan Republican, I don't support the liberal Idea of collective bargaining which leads to higher taxes and less benefits for the citizens of my district, only to give one group a pay raise, my opinion. I voted against collective bargaining along with the delegate who started the MD Petition Referendum drive against bad bills: Del. Neil Parrott, who was also Conservative of the Year. My allegiance is always to you, the taxpayer!

I always love and support the police. I introduced a bill they opposed that requires full name disclosure before the police enter a person’s house.

I always support the police and voted to give the State Police a pay raise and introduced many pro police bills. I support the police, the citizens and the constitution! Police are a force for good and do a great job!

I am tough on crime and illegal immigration. I led the referendum effort to stop instate tuition for illegals. The candidates who are running now were nowhere around helping me then and they may not have signed the petition at all. Delegate Pat McDonough endorsed me.

I've been endorsed by Conservative Maryland, Maryland Right to Life, the Farm Bureau, Maryland Realtors, the NRA, my Mom, and you twice. I believe that I am the only conservative with a proven body of work and proven success running for delegate in 34A. I passed a bill giving small businesses a tax break for hiring disabled veterans. As an Army veteran that was important to me.

I don't know why I want four more years of pain and suffering in Annapolis, but I think I just want to serve you. I promise to be independent, hardworking, and always be available for you and your family if you need me. Re-elect me, Glen Glass, in the June 26 primary.

Del. Glen Glass

District 34A

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