Dr. Harris denying science? [Letter]


For a practicing physician (or at least one who claims to do so), Rep. Andy Harris demonstrates a remarkable contempt for the scientific process.

If what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, then it should follow that the 99 percent of climate scientists – including some of the original reports from the fossil fuel industry – who agree that combustion of fossil fuels cause climate change may actually be onto something, as the data are now as solid for that as the doctrine that germs cause disease. Yet Harris continues to deny the wscience, obfuscate the facts, obstruct alternative energy solutions, and sidle up to the energy interests as if he were flirting with a potential prom date. With this attitude toward science, I would be quite surprised if he weren’t still using leeches on his patients, and bleeding them to restore the balance of the humours.

A reasonable and forceful set of sol.utions based on solid science must be implemented now to mitigate the effects of a projected ris in sea levels by two feet as early as 2050 (that’s only 32 years away), and four feet by 2100. These changes to average sea levels will inundate many coastal communities in his district and displace many of his low-lying constituents. Rep. Harris has consistently failed in his obligation to serve his constituents by repeatedly and willfully placing his head in the sands of his rapidly disappearing beaches.

He must be made to face the consequences of his poor choices – vote Rep. Harris out in November.

Henry S. Gibbons, PhD


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