Thank you, southern Harford, for voting for Glen Glass [Letter]


I want to send a big shout out to the people of Southern Harford County! Thank you for having faith and confidence in my son Delegate Glen Glass.

Thank you for voting for my son and not believing the lies and garbage that came by phone, Facebook, and expensive mailers attacking Glen. I was deeply hurt that Politicians, the Harford County Sheriffs UNION and others would use these tactics to fulfill their agenda trying to get themselves and their friends elected!

My son Glen Glass supports You and the Police. He stands for the truth and works for you, the people of Harford county ; he is your independent voice in Annapolis and not a Yes Man for the political establishment.

I am very proud of Glen and his continual hard work for you the people of Southern Harford District 34a; the people he loves.

We still have a fight so please vote to re-elect my son your state Delegate Glen Glass again in the General election November 6. Thank you God and Bless , Glen's mom Janet.

Janet Gemberling


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