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A call for civility applies to the left, as well as right [Letter]

The Aegis

I applaud the call for civility.

Have you watched cable news lately? The three major networks are only slightly better. The language is beyond un-civil. Nazi, terrorist, sh** hole, porn star are used so much they have become mainstream.

It seems they strive to be as over the top as possible in their criticism and name calling. The next one has to be more dramatic than the last one. They can't stick to the facts or leave opinion out of reporting. These are news stations not opinion stations.

Thank God we have Fox News for balance. You are missing the other side of the story if you only watch mainstream media. The contrast in the reporting of the same day’s events are dramatic.

Conservatives didn't win until they became less civil. Until Trump came along conservatives lost. Romney, the most civil, polite, gentleman politician ever, would not bash Obama when he had the chance, he was "civil." Did Trump win because he was more civil than his opponent? Seems un-civil wins.

Please notice where lack of civility comes from. Events over the weekend including denying restaurant service to Sara Sanders and her family because she works for POTUS and calls for harassment of Trump administration employees by Maxine Waters are proof. It's liberals leading the charge. It's OK for liberals to lack civility and not have consequences, but you get sued all the way to the Supreme Court if you are conservative and refuse to bake a cake.

Calls for civility are to silence you. If you think liberals are going to become civil, wait till they are in power again. The only way the rancor on the left will diminish is for them to recognize Americans won't tolerate it. We can stop tolerating uncivil behavior by not voting for it.

Loosing power will silence them, giving them more power doesn't. We can make Cable TV ratings decline as civility declines and bias increases by not watching them, too.

Ed Garono

Havre de Grace

Ed Garono


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