Not the right course [Letter]


Recently, I came across a post on a community page from a young man in one of our county schools encouraging others to join in an effort to demand that the county Board of Education facilitate the creation of a “student led council” on race relations. While one might look at this as a positive endeavor and an opportunity for the students in our schools to become engaged and promote positive change in their communities, there is, unfortunately, more than meets the eye here.

Leading off with the premise that the county is need of “a vigorous overhaul to its current approach to race relations within the school community” implies that we have a systemic problem in all of our schools. Nothing could be further from the truth. What we do have though, is a multi-faceted discipline problem with today’s young people that can be traced backward through families and more than a few cultural influences. That is not to say that racism does not exist, it certainly does, it always has, but it exists within all groups, not just within some ignorant white students and it is not systemic. I was in the county high school system when we had a systemic race problem. We are not there now.

Look behind the letter and petition being floated in the communities for presentation to the county Board of Education and you will find a national organization devoted to radical activism upon many fronts. It is not hard to decipher the true objectives of this organization; it is rather plainly laid out and reeks of authoritarianism. It didn’t take me but a second to equate this “ideology’ to my earlier studies in fascism and communism. This is a hallmark of the progressivism that has taken root in this country over the past few decades and it is rapidly infesting the K-12 educational systems and needs to be arrested. A quick look at our nation’s universities and colleges and one can easily see the destruction this ideology has wreaked upon a generation of American youth.

We need a community to come together and discuss these issues, but it needs to be a discussion among our county’s citizens, parents and children. We do not need more government and we certainly do not need outside progressive activists instructing our communities on how to live, work and get along with each other. If we work together, we can do it ourselves. I urge everyone to read this petition, see it for what it is, reject it and then tell the school board that you oppose the notion of progressive authoritarianism with respect to your children’s education and nurturing. Then make a commitment to get involved and make a difference in your student’s lives and schools.

Lyle Garitty


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