Capital Gazette wins special Pulitzer Prize citation for coverage of newsroom shooting that killed five

Harford sheriff criticizes Aegis cartoon [Letter]


I can’t help but feel disappointed in the editorial cartoon that was included in Wednesday’s edition of the Aegis. I am disappointed in the fact that in an apparent effort to further frighten parents and our community as a whole, the Aegis selects a rendering that minimizes our County’s collective efforts and lays blame with the police for something that cannot be immediately done. Yes, fiscal limitations are a fact of Government, as much as many would like to believe otherwise. However, more challenging than funding would be any hope of finding that many law enforcement officers if the money was available today.

There were so many positive and great steps announced last week, including the expansion of the School Resource Officer Program, and continuing plans to address school safety throughout the entire public school system. All of this information is lost on those individuals who, like your artist, fail to absorb and credit the work of so many by insinuating the efforts are lacking.

Sheriff Jeffrey R. Gahler

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