Aberdeen residents seek to have chickens in their yards [Letter]


Aberdeen Backyard Chickens is a group of men, women and children in municipal Aberdeen who desire to have up to 20 female chickens, anywhere in a residential zoning district, with no roosters (which are only needed for chicken breeding, and are loud).

I, personally, have attended numerous Aberdeen City Council meetings this year and met personally or spoken on the phone with each of the Aberdeen City Council members. I have presented a variety of different pieces of information including reports from official state of Maryland veterinarian groups, information about other municipalities in Maryland and anecdotal information from me and the 150 or so members of Aberdeen Backyard Chickens.

I'm writing today to encourage all of your readers to find our page on Facebook, Aberdeen Backyard Chickens, and join the conversation. A small number of chickens are not any nuisance to neighbors. In fact, chickens are less troubling as pets than are dogs.

We have answered all of the complaints about chickens: there are no health risks associated with keeping chickens, there is no potential nuisance noise and having hens won’t lead to an increase in foxes or other predators in Aberdeen.

The Aberdeen City Council has rebuffed our efforts to make having backyard chickens illegal to this point, but we're not going anywhere, and the Aberdeen Municipal elections are in 2019. Please join us, and join the fight.

Patricia A. Felts


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