On Doctors Day, remember yours [Letter]


As National Doctors' Day approaches on March 30, I want to add my thanks to doctors from years past, who set high standards for excellent patient care and paved the way for all of us today.

Growing up in Havre de Grace, I saw firsthand the compassionate care given by so many members of the medical profession. Their example encouraged me to join their ranks 33 years ago.

Examples include Dr. Gunther Hirsch, who contributed to our community in so many ways. What stood out for me was that he allowed African-American patients to use his waiting room in an integrated manner when that was not the norm.

Other physicians in the Bel Air and Darlington areas, such as Dr. Philip Heuman, Dr. Harvey Sidwell, Dr. Warren Lesch, Dr. Robert Barthel, Dr. Dudley Phillips and Dr. William Tyson, of Kingsville, contributed a significant amount of time and energy to their local communities. I often think of these great physicians and appreciate the time and expertise they gave Dr. Robert Duncan, M.D. and me when starting our practice. I will never forget them.

For a physician to have a successful practice, we cannot forget our hardworking secretaries, nursing assistants, nurses, lab technicians, X-ray technicians, phlebotomists, nurse practitioners and office managers. These are the people who keep the practice rolling and allow us to provide good patient care.

On National Doctors' Day, I will give thanks for the doctors who impacted my life. My hope is that you will thank the doctors who have helped you, too.

David McClure, M.D./Harford Primary Care, Bel Air

Family Practitioner for 33 years and counting

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