Trauma lasts a lifetime; end the separation aberration [Letter]

The Aegis


Enough! Separating children from parents inhumanely traumatizes, scraps basic family protective legal rights and values.

Why? Could community groups match responsible American sponsors with intact refugee families?

Walls are costly, ineffective communication bridges. (A condition to immigration?)

Trauma lasts a lifetime: My uncle Bill fought the Battle of the Bulge and never put the pieces of his life together.

The worldwide festering blisters of war pock our daily lives: A French Vietnam War prisoner spoke of potatoes as horrible, squiggly, moldiness. A paraplegic student loudly and angrily festering from his own Vietnam experience, so full of "pus," he could not hear my "Hi." .

An 88-year-old Parkinson's Disease/dementia patient continues to relive childhood war memories in panic attacks and nightmares. Unable to relate, my best is to hold his hand when he says "poh much" (“help m in Slovenian): It stops the tremors.

In our living room stands a peace lamp — a tripod made with three inoperable gunstocks enveloped in a metal gun casing. A trigger turns on a peaceful light.

Let's pass a bill requiring anyone seeking public office to publicize his tax returns and submit a valid certificate of health to provide voters with vital information. Let's end this family separation aberration!

A final plea: A summer day a five year old decided to take her baby sister to see trains. At the trestle a woman in a yellow dress asked her, "Where is your mommy?"

The child, aghast, realized mommy was at home. She turned around dismayed. Her sister, tired, wanted to be carried. When she got home her eyes popped out the MPs and all the neighbors were in the street.

"I wasn't lost," she told her mother, who hugged both girls fiercely. They were safe. Irreplaceable!

Annette McCullough Colaric


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