Retain Harford's two sitting judges Ishak and Kreis [Letter]

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We are writing to urge your readers to vote for Harford County Sitting Judges, Paul Ishak and Larry Kreis at the primary election on Tuesday, June 26.

Because this is a gubernatorial election year, there are over 100 candidates running for election from both parties. Such a large number of candidates makes it very difficult to do all the homework you would like to do in deciding for whom to vote.

This task is particularly difficult for judicial positions because, fortunately, only a small fraction of the population has any interaction with the court system. Also, judges are ethically prohibited from engaging in the political process except for one year in their 15-year term.

Because we practice law for a living, we have the unique opportunity to interact with these judges and to assess their competence and performance. We have also had the opportunity to practice law with them for their entire careers before they became judges.

Our firm has been in practice in Harford County for 117 years. The combined total number of years the lawyers in our firm have been in practice is 170 years. If you don't have the opportunity to investigate the judicial candidates as thoroughly as you would like, we hope you will consider our opinion that Judges Ishak and Kreis are the strongest candidates for the position and should be elected.

It is also important to know that prior to being appointed, Judges Ishak and Kreis underwent a very extensive and rigorous investigation process, including interviews by numerous groups inside and outside the Bar Association, extensive background checks, numerous interviews with references, interviews and investigation by the Judicial Nominations Commission and ultimately investigation by the Governor's Office and interviews with the governor prior to being appointed.

You should know that the opponent running against Judges Ishak and Kreis engaged in this same process nine times with four governors (two Democrats, And two Republicans) and was not appointed by either governor.

Judges Ishak and Kreis were both found by the governor to have the breadth of experience and judicial temperament to be appointed judge. We agree and urge that you cast your ballot to Keep Judges Ishak and Kreis.

Augustus F. Brown

Albert J.A. Young

Bel Air

The authors are senior partners in the law firm of Brown, Brown & Young, P.A. in Bel Air.

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