Trump's often false claims don't deserve applause [Letter]

The Aegis


Anthony Lambros, the Aegis, Feb. 9, in a letter titled, “Trump gets it, the Democrats never will,” lambastes Congressional members who did not clap during numerous claims of accomplishment by President Trump in his recent State of the Union speech.

I suggest that was so because so many of the President’s claims fall within the growing list of his enormous falsehoods, such as his later claiming that those who didn’t clap were guilty of treason.

The fact that the SOTU speech added to this growing list of falsehoods can easily be verified by googling “fact checking SOTU speech 2018.”

President Trump’s falsehoods are best characterized by Kelly, Kessler and Rizzo’s line in the Washington Post: “Trump taking credit is like a rooster thinking that the sun rose because he crowed.”

Harold Breaux


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