'The kids are alright' [Letter]


As a Harford County resident, I could not be prouder of our young people getting civically engaged the way they are doing with the "March for our Lives" movement.

Some local parents have expressed concern over children participating in this process, saying things like, "This is not how life works." I would counter that to say, "Actually, this is how life works." You try to do things in the proper sequence, but when the consequences are life or death, you do whatever you need to in order to disrupt the cycle. In this case, peacefully protest.

I too think it is important to go through proper procedures (write letters, meet with your reps, go to town-halls, etc.) However, like us exasperated adults, many of our kiddos have done that, still have not been heard, and are tired of seeing their friends perish unnecessarily. Regardless of political affiliation I hope more people can begin to view this as a non-partisan issue and remain tolerant of a wide range of perspectives as we wade through this very complex and emotionally charged time.

Lastly, for those who might worry about this negatively impacting your children's future. In case it might be of some comfort, please know that 15 years ago, I spent my 18th birthday riding a bus across the country to a nationwide protest. It was transformative for me and helped launch me into a lifetime of service (which included an expansive education and prosperous career.) From what I can see, the #MarchForOurLives seems to be having a similarly energizing effect on our young people. So I say, try your best not to worry, I think the kids are alright.

Allison Berkowitz

Bel Air

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