Bob Bell Automotive helping support breast cancer patients [Letter]

The following is a letter to The Aegis Open Forum:


Join Bob Bell Automotive as we seek to raise $25,000 to support The Red Devils this month. Who or what is The Red Devils, you might ask. It's a local organization with a focused mission of improving the quality of life for breast cancer patients and their families.

At a recent meeting, I asked our staff how many of them knew someone close to them fighting breast cancer. More than two-thirds raised their hands. That's a powerful illustration of the magnitude of this disease. Almost all of us know someone facing this challenge. Breast cancer strikes about 4,300 women in Maryland annually.

Since 2002, The Red Devils has helped women with breast cancer and their families as they fight through the most difficult time in their lives. When they are fighting for their lives, the Red Devils has their back. For the third consecutive year, our team at Bob Bell Automotive will lift up and support this organization.

Unless you've faced breast cancer, you've probably never heard of this wonderful, local charity organization. The Red Devils do big and little things for cancer patients with little fanfare or attention. The Red Devils help to arrange transportation for medical visits, house cleaning, rent and mortgage assistance, hotel stays so Maryland families can stay together during treatment, child care and respite care, funding for chemotherapy and radiation treatments, medical co-payments and other assistance.

They offer support at no charge to the patients living or going through treatment in Maryland.

My father founded Bob Bell Automotive and developed a reputation for his generosity to the community. Continuing his legacy of support for the community, I, too believe and commit to giving back. Our commitment to The Red Devils starts with a contribution to the organization for every vehicle (new or used) or service purchased in October.

I hope you will join us in our quest to support Maryland families battling breast cancer. I encourage you to visit one of our dealerships to learn more about our support of The Red Devils organization and to engage in our Pink Tag Sales Event this month.

We can't let these women and their families fight this disease alone.

For more information about The Red Devils organization, visit

Bird Bell


Bob Bell Automotive

Bob Bell has a Chevrolet dealership on Belair Road in Bel Air.

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