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'A bold leader,' Curtis Beulah has earned respect, gratitude [Letter]


I will vote for Curtis Beulah for Harford County District F councilman. I urge my fellow citizens to do the same. The reason for my choice is simple: in a long experience all across America, I have never met a more effective representative. Curiously enough, he actually believes that the agendas he should pursue are the agendas of the people he represents.

You have surely seen him, as I have, moving tirelessly across the country, informing himself of our needs and concerns. But that is not all that he does. He also actively identifies areas of concern that ought to matter to every conscientious citizen.

Councilman Beulah is a bold leader who begins leading by submitting to serve. I cannot count the number of times that I have encountered him in civic functions where he has been almost alone in turning out for the things that matter to us. It is up to his colleagues to tell you how valuable he has been as a colleague on the Council, but to my eye he as been a genuine team player, always the striking the balance of keeping things moving smoothly ahead, while not failing to introduce necessary reflections on the possibilities of change.

I won’t detail the long list of interventions that he has undertaken the past four years. Some have indeed been controversial. But I submit that no one can deny that he has always been judicious in his manner and approach. The fact is, homelessness is an issue to which we should pay better attention, and Councilman Beulah has helped us to do so. No less significantly, he has emphasized the necessity of approaching economic development from the perspective of the County’s needs and not merely the urgent demands of private interests.

I will vote for Curtis Beulah, because he has earned not only our respect but our gratitude for his faithful service.

William B. Allen

Havre de Grace

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