Please, do more [Editorial]

Most importantly, let’s hope the recent active shooter drill at Bel Air High School was a wise act of preparedness that will never be put to use.

“We hope it never happens,” Steve Cox, chief of the Bel Air Volunteer Fire Company, said after the drill, “but we’re as prepared as anyone else.”

No one wants to see another shooting at another school. The closer to home the school, the more that’s true.

Many people live in fear of a shooting at a school where their loved ones work or go to learn. The fear of being shot at school is the greatest fear among the masses of young people in our country since the early 1960s when kids practiced how to respond in case of a nuclear attack. If the placards warning of just such a thing posted around the buildings weren’t scary enough, practicing getting under desks and putting your head between your knees was certainly more frightening than enough.

“Every time I go to school, I think about it, and it’s not pleasant,” Adam Cretaro, a 16-year-old participant in the drill, said. “I just don’t feel safe in school.”

That’s a terrible thing to hear, but one we suspect is pervasive in Harford County Public Schools as in schools everywhere. We continue to urge Harford County Public Schools, Harford County law enforcement and Harford County governments to heed those fears and do more, much more, to make our schools true safe havens.

It’s great that Bel Air Police and others conduct active shooter drills so they will be prepared if they ever have to respond to a school shooting. It would be better if police, schools and governments would invest more to make it harder for people with guns to get in our schools and to have police in every building to react to a threat if a shooter somehow gets in.

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