The joy of reading [Editorial]

The Aegis

Learning to read is a precious gift.

Forget for a moment that you need to be able to read and write to function in our society, the ability to read means you can see the whole world in front of your eyes, be it on a printed page or a computer screen.

Reading gives you understanding and perspective. It’s informative. It’s fun. It’s an adventure.

Everyone should have an opportunity to learn to read at an early age. Parents and educators understand this, but it’s not always easy to teach a young person. We all learn things at a different pace. Sometimes, only the most individual attention is required, and that’s not always possible.

In Wednesday’s edition, we published a news release from the Harford County Education Foundation about its visit to Bakerfield Elementary School’s Title I School Readiness Program in Aberdeen to give leveled-reading books and responsibility charts to children, ages 2 to 4, who are a part of the Title I School Readiness Program. The foundation’s gifts will help them master reading and keep their own progress records, leaders said.

“Our literacy initiative, Books in Hand, isn’t just about giving out books as presents, it’s about investing in a child’s future, the earlier we start, the quicker we see our children reaping the rewards,” Harford Education Foundation board chair Warren Hamilton said. According to the foundation, Books in Hand program has reached thousands of kids since its inceptions, and more than 10,000 leveled-reading books have been gifted to children.

Our compliments to this homegrown organization for its efforts to further the joy of reading among Harford County’s youngest citizens. We encourage everyone who can to give these and similar efforts their full support.

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