The spirit of giving [Editorial]

The Aegis

The Christmas holiday season, and we’ll take license and refer to it the old-fashioned and not-so-politically-correct way, is fundamentally a time for celebration and for giving. That’s bedrock theology, albeit simplified for mass consumption.

Most of us like to receive gifts and probably just as many, if not more of us, find a certain personal joy and satisfaction in giving them. (Yes, that goes for you Scrooges out there – you can’t fool us!)

And best of all, there’s giving to people who are in need and to organizations who help people in need. Probably all of these folks need help with food, clothing, shelter and other essentials all year round, not just at Christmas, and this particularly holds true for children and senior citizens.

There are many worthwhile organizations that operate the year round and some charities specific to Christmas, such as Toys for Tots and the Empty Stocking Fund, that help the needy, although every such charity is active the year-round, even it just involves getting ready for the Christmas season. Most of these outfits run on volunteer power, too, and keep overhead costs to a minimum, so donations get to the people who really need them.

Lots of people need these gifts. They won’t be able to thank you in person, but they’ll be no less grateful and you’ll be no less satisfied knowing you helped someone else have a brighter and merrier Christmas.

Giving is a wonderful habit to get into, and Christmas giving is a jolly way to kickstart that habit and keep it going all year. Christmas may come only this time of year – thank you, Brian Wilson and Mike Love – but the need for the gifts that help others survive never stops.

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